Located in Green Hill, just west of Lafayette, IN.
Here at Green Hill Rabbitry, we build
Rabbit cages and cage accessories,
using the best GAW wire available.

My name is John Thiel

If you order it, I build it.

I use only Riverdale Wire,
made right here in the USA.
Floor Wire is 14 gauge, 1/2" x 1",
Galvanized After Welded(GAW).
Sides and Top Wire are 12 1/2 Gauge GAW,
using either 1" x 1" or 1" x 2" mesh.
This provides superior strength over other cages.

You can buy less expensive cages,
and they may satisfy all your current needs,
but if you are serious about your Rabbitry,
my cages should last you a lifetime with proper care.
Especially suitable for larger breeds.

Others use smaller gauge wire, and often use
Galvanized Before Welded(GBW) wire to cut costs.
These cages are of course, less expensive, but they
will weaken and corrode, requiring repair or
replacement, long before my cages will.

Some of my Cages are also made from 4 panels, not 6,
which provides even greater structural integrity.

I also offer custom size Cages, panel replacements
and portable, hanging Grooming shelves.
Doors configured to your preference.

Assembled Cages available for local pickup only.
Most buyers already have J-clips, C-rings and assembly pliers,
so ALL cage KITS are be shipped
without tools or assembly hardware.
For those just getting started,
pliers and assembly kits will soon be available.

All orders will be filled in the order they are received.
If I am backlogged or it looks like it may
take more than 5 days before I can get to your order,
you will be notified by email.
For orders over $500.00, please contact me first
to allow me to verify I have all of the materials
I will need to complete your order.
This is just a small, one man operation, and
I am limited on how much material I can keep on hand.
I look forward to helping you meet the needs of your Rabbitry.


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